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About Ready Made Bottles

Current options for infant bottles require sterilization, mixing, filling and assembly.  The Ready Made Ready To Serve baby bottle requires no assembly.  The Ready Made Ready To Serve bottle is pre-filled with liquid ready-to-feed infant formula (RTF) and is packaged bacteria free at the factory.  With our special technology, the RTF formula can flow into the teat simply by removing the pressurized cap!  By eliminating the need for handling and assembly, we also eliminate bacteria, a threat to infants, especially those in humanitarian and disaster relief areas.  Currently, bacterial contamination is the leading cause of infantile death. 

Aseptic Packaging


To ensure that Ready Made bottles are bacteria free, they are aseptically packaged in a clean room using state of the art technology.  This gives the Ready Made bottle the added benefit of having a 12 month shelf life, allowing worldwide distribution!

Bacteria Free​​


Ready Made bottles come from the factory bacteria free so there is no need to clean anything; EVER.  With current delivery methods, infants in humanitarian relief and disaster recovery areas are at risk for illness or death due to the bacteria in their food source.  With Ready Made, these problems are no more!

No Mixing


Ready Made ready-to-feed formula requires no mixing, therefore it comes Ready To Serve right off the shelf.  Our special technology separates the liquid ready to feed formula from the teat when the bottle is being stored, therefore, the Ready Made bottle is always ready-to-feed.  The Centers for Disease control recomend liquid formula due to the dangers of Cronobacter found in powdered formula.

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