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Ready Made Ownership

   Inventor, Engineer,
   Corwin P. Littell, PhD

Dr. Littell is a PhD researcher who has developed a number of viable products. He has been actively working on the Ready Made project since 2004 and developed 65 prototypes before filing for US Utility rights in 2014 for his one-of-a-kind invention. "This product is so unique that when I did a global patent search I did not find one product that was similar to this product. This fact alone makes this product a standalone item."  

Global Food Standards
          Vicki Littell EVP

Mrs. Littell worked with Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida for 13 years where she was founding manager of the national award-winning Second Helpings Program. During this time, Vicki headed a committee to implement national industry standards for the perishable food rescue industry by writing and establishing many of the standards used today.  

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