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Ready Made Foundation


Ready Made and the Ready Made Foundation believe that all children deserve a chance.  From the very beginning and as part of the Ready Made culture, we are commited to helping children and families in our community and around the world.


The Ready Made Foundation looks to serve infants and families in the poorest communities by:


Providing one-time-use, sterile, disposable bottles for infants in jeopardy of ill health and/or mortality resulting from special dietary needs, poverty, disasters, disease, and/or famine,


Supporting national and international organizations/businesses that provide services for overall mother and infant health and care, and


Contributing support to local entrepreneurs and administrations in developing countries by establishing work resources for local people.


One way we are doing this is by working to supply infant-meals-ready-to-eat used by non-profit organizations (NGOs) during times of humanitarian crises by providing a safer, custom made, sterile solution for feeding at-risk infants.

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