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Project Cure Raises $3 Million for Aid to Panama

Project CURE (Commission on Urgent Relief & Equipment) has a simple goal; to provide medical equipment and supplies to medical personnel in order for communities to receive care. They have helped raise millions of dollars and provided relief in over 120 countries.

Last Wednesday Project CURE’s latest fund raiser was targeting Panama. The goal: To bring in enough support to deliver $3 million in medical supplies to the impoverished nation. Previous Project CURE fundraiser’s have raised more than $7 million combined for Mexico, El Salvador , Belize and Ghana.

The function was held in Denver with hundreds of business and community leaders gathered together in support of the cause and was a great success. Panama’s First Lady,Marta Martinelli, said she wants to decrease the infant mortality rate in her country by creating help centers in the remote areas where the hard-to-reach and impoverished indigenous population live according to the AP. The lack of adequate medical attention for the indigenous women of the country has led to high infant mortality rate. This is a huge concern for the First Lady and Project CURE, but Wednesday’s success is one step in the right direction.

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