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How Ready Made Bottles will help humanitarian and disaster relief.

As a social enterprise, the Management team at Ready Made is commited to Humanitarian outreach and using the Ready Made single use bottle to help save lives in Humanitarian situations.  Executive Vice President, Vicki Littell, is actively involved in feeding the hungry and has been instrumental in growing food distribution channels for charity organizations.  It is these same values and a similiar mission that is the driving force behind the Ready Made bottle concept.  Ready Made is commited to making a positive global social impact one infant at a time.


Millions of people are displaced and effected by Natural Disasters every year.  With 4-6% of the population infants, there is a need for more than just solid food to be delievered by humanitarian organizations and government aid workers.


Currently ready-to-serve rations are available only for adults in humanitarian and disaster relief.  When infant formula is shipped out to humanitarian locations, bottles, powdered formula and jugs of water are shipped separately.  Not only is this a logistical issue, but there are several concerns:


Since the water in many of these locations can be contaminated and unsafe, it is especially dangerous for ingestion by infants.  Formula can be fed via improperly sterilized bottles, mixed with unsterilized utensils or assembled in often unsanitary conditions transferring bacteria from the caregivers hands.  According to the World Health Organization, these infants often become sick and many die.


The water sent to these locations is not specifically packaged for infant use and can be used up by the general population, leaving caregivers to potentially use local water sources when mixing infant formula. This has caused great concern over use of infant formula in humanitarian and disaster relief areas, however the simple fact is that these infants must receive nutrition and many are displaced from parents, or orphaned.  This is why Ready Made is contacted by numerous aid organiztions and government contractors after natural disasters.  


The unique bacteria-free design of the Ready Made bottle allows the care giver to feed a child without ever touching the teat or food source thus eliminating cross contamination to the child as well as being very convenient for the caregiver.  Not only will it deliver a self-contained infant feeding solution in a single device, it will also reduce sickness and death from bacteria.  

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